Learning about photography doesn't have to be a full-time job. 

2 years ago when I started blogging, I felt discouraged by my photos. 

I wanted to take photos for my blog and business that I could be proud of-- without spending a ton of time or money. Through trial and error, I managed to create a unique photography style, as well as an easy streamlined process for taking photos and editing them.

And now, I'll be teaching you. FOR FREE!


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Take vivid, clear photos for DIY projects, recipes, and any other topic you cover! No more stock photos for you- your blog is about to get an upgrade!

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Stunning photos of your products that make customers stop scrolling and start hitting “add to cart”.

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Maybe you’re not into coffee and succulents? Take stylized images that are unique for your brand instead of the same old stock photo flatlays everyone else has.

So… what’s the deal?


You’ll be getting emails with actionable content, right to your inbox. These will contain video lessons jam-packed with helpful info that will improve your photos right away!

No marshmallow fluff in these videos- we’re allllll about the good stuff!


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Stop Dreaming. Start Doing.


No need to keep wishing and hoping your photos get better.

Better photos are in your future.


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